Serve the Best of
Ontario Beef

Highlight the culinary wonders of our province and put a fresh spin on your menu by serving premium Ontario beef.



When it comes to your food, you have high standards—and so do your customers. Carve is hand selected from Canada AAA grades or higher to ensure the perfect amount of marbling to deliver the best results to your guests.


"We have many customers who know steak, and expectations are high that our quality is premium.
Our servers are able to confidently present Carve as high-quality local beef."

Shane McDowell

The Miller Tavern, Toronto ON



Exclusively available at
Flanagan Foodservice

Proudly Canadian and family owned, Flanagan Foodservice is Canada's largest independent food distributor.



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Exclusive Recipes

Be inspired by flavourful Ontario beef recipes that are scaled for foodservice.


Meet Our Farmers

The Ontario family farms who provide their cattle to Carve are second-to-none.