The Cathcarts

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Meet the Cathcarts

Proud fifth generation beef farmers who operate an Ontario cow-calf farm with Charolais cattle.

Like all beef farmers, Allan and Colleen Cathcart's top priority is to raise healthy animals that are safe and well cared for. They raise their animals on well-managed grasslands which support wildlife habitat, biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

The Cathcarts are currently engaged in a number of industry-driven programs developed to uphold consumer confidence in beef. They are enrolled in Canada’s Verified Beef Production Plus program, a national on-farm food safety program, and they are also enrolled in a data sharing program, Beef InfoXchange System, that helps farmers track their animals, even after they have left the farm.

Information like this allows Allan and Colleen to improve the genetics of their herd, to maintain their production of high quality beef for consumers.

The Cathcarts are also very involved in their local community. Allan is a member of his local beef association with fellow beef farmers, while Colleen is an active "agvocate" with consumers. She is passionate about sharing her perspective of life on a beef farm.