Carve Premium Ontario Beef products are hand selected from Canada AAA grades or higher to ensure each cut has the perfect amount of marbling to deliver the best results to your guests. Excess fat is pre-trimmed, meaning less labour and higher yields for your operation; simply portion and grill.

To maximize tenderness, Carve products are aged a minimum of 21 days.


Serve these premium cuts:

Bone-In Rib
2/8.3 kg

2/5.5 kg

Chuck Short Ribs
4/2 ct

Inside Round
2/11 kg

Outside Flats
2/7 kg

2/7 kg


Striploin 0x1 11-13
2/5.2 kg

Striploin 14Up
2/6.5 kg

Tenderloin 7Up
4/3.2 kg

Teres Major
8/6 ct

Top Sirloin
2/7 kg 

Carve Premium Ontario Beef Products.jpeg